Our Services

Nik&Co. Consultancy believes in a genuine, collective approach toward reconciliation. Your journey and vision is important to us.

Just some of our services include:

  • Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) development with Aboriginal communities
  • Reconciliation Workshops to help business and government sectors understand Aboriginal cultures
  • Broker Cultural training for staff and leadership teams with Nik&Co. Consultancy’s preferred providers
  • Cultural Consultant workplace service agreements
  • Cultural audit and evaluation of existing workplace practices followed with culturally inclusive recommendations
  • Keynote/speaker engagements
  • Ally workshops

We are a consultancy that delivers tailored, timely, culturally inclusive solutions.

Ngarrindjeri Ruwe (Country)

Creating tailored packages for:

  • Private businesses, big and small
  • Educational Institutions
  • Local Government
  • State and Federal Government
  • Not for profit Organisations
  • Aboriginal Community Organisations

After mapping out the needs of your business, we then provide the necessary advice and tools to enable meaningful reconciliation with Aboriginal communities.

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