About Us

Ngarrindjeri Ruwe (Country)

“The time is always right, to do what is right”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Mission

To transform lived experiences of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people by interweaving genuine reconciliatory practices into corporate and community settings.

Together we can make a difference.

The Name

“Nik” stands for Nikki, my legal name is Nicole, but my family & Aboriginal community often refer to me as Nikki & “Co” identifies my one & only son Cohen also known as “Coco”.

For those who readily interact & engage with Aboriginal communities would understand that nicknames are very much a part of our core identity for the duration of our lifetime as they hold a deeper meaning, they can often reference intergenerational family namesakes, bloodlines, unique characteristics, skills & capabilities, cultural practices, Aboriginal Language Groups and so on.

The Feather Logo

Tragically and suddenly, I lost my only oldest brother in 2014, he stood for justice, equality, and peace. Since his passing, fortunately, through culture, he continues connecting with me, constantly making his presence apparent through dreams and or physical signs, one of which being the feather. I now have a beautiful collection of vases of feathers to honour his constant cultural signals of love, connection, and support hence this logo.

Our Team

Caro Mader Grassroots Consulting

A key feature of Nik&Co. Consultancy is that facilitation can include an Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal partnership. Introducing Caro Mader of Grassroots Consulting, Caro will be engaged on a project-by-project basis.

This directly models the role for non-Aboriginal people working with Aboriginal communities, an emphasis that supports non-Aboriginal peoples to not only educate but unpack their positions of privileges and to use this privilege to create inclusive environments with Aboriginal peoples.

Caro Mader

Working closely with each client, we develop culturally inclusive work practices to help close the obvious gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people that are a direct result of colonisation. By approaching every consult with fresh eyes, we deliver innovative strategies to support reconciliation aspirations that educate corporates and empower Aboriginal communities.

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